The history of the brand

Why was Constància born?

The Constància project was born not with the prospect of being a fashionable Brand, a brand to show off, followed by the crowd, but we want to distinguish in its uniqueness, approaching and expanding the value of the ‘unique piece’. So giving life to something really different, which has not always been ‘fashionable’ until now.
I started this adventure because, at a certain point in my life, I looked around me and I understood that I had all the useful and necessary tools to start an engine and try to start it pointing it to the right direction. First I had ideas, as a creative and designer, and these ideas arose when I realized that everything that is currently on the market, at the end, is all the same, both as materials and as designs. My project is something inimitable, as when I design and create it, every time for every single final consumer, in the end it never results the same thing. I was also in possession of the essential raw material, namely “top grain leather, natural leather”. Finally, the last fundamental tool that came to me almost by chance and fatality, the mastery and pure High Artistic Craftsmanship of unique collaborators who know how to engrave leather with special manual tools; Putting it all together, always believing in myself and in my own strength, I asked myself: “Why not revive the Craftsmanship and craftsmen of the past as our grandparents and great-grandparents did?” I realize and I always knew right away that it would have been a long, tiring and full of obstacles climb, but those who really believe in what they do and if they do it with passion, I am sure that sooner or later they can see the hoped and deserved results.
The tools used for the carving and tooling technique (a very common technique in Texas) that embellishes my creations are the following: For each creation such as the project sent and proposed, it takes 10 to 12 working hours just to make the carving and engraving on the leather, in addition to the hours of assembly of the bag as a whole. My trusted collaborator and I, were present at a Mipel event in Milan and we were the only ones to demonstrate ‘live’ and on-site how my creations of the Luxury Tooling line on our official website are made; in fact the project made in preview and on site was selected and sent also in the Mipel editions in South Korea as a demonstration of something truly different and original. Finally and in summary, my creations, especially that of the “luxury Tooling” line, keeping in mind the concept of real handmade are ultimately different from each other in that the hands that decorated them belong to different people with different backgrounds and this also transpires in apparently identical models but deeply linked to the person who contributed to his creation. Moreover, just for the particularity of the decoration, looking at it from different angles and faces or in different light conditions, the eye is captured by the countless details that the design offers, thus offering the opportunity to appreciate the elegance and refinement that the combination of the naturalness of the material and the dynamism of the design gives. To all this is added the fact that by its very nature the raw material evolves over time depending on wear, exposure to light and the lifestyle of those who own it in this way a simple bag becomes the image and the reflection of the cross-section of a person’s life.

Sezioni_Brand_Fashion Designer
Fashion Designer

Giuseppina Balzano, Constància Fashion Designer, born in 1977 in Campania. Transferred for work reasons in Tuscany in 2002.

Given that Tuscany is the home of leather and leather processing, in this field, first and foremost as a web marketing manager of a Tanning Company in the area of leather, I have developed thanks to this world my creativity and passion giving light my ideas alongside two master craftsmen in the industry.

Constància more than a brand, wants to be a philosophy, try to enhance the craftsmanship made in Italy as much as possible, and launch a message that luxury, elegance and uniqueness can only come from artisan hands that put a piece of their life and their ingenuity to create something unique for each individual interlocutor, and not let luxury be interpreted as an expensive object that can bring anyone, made in series and machines without a soul.


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